Natural Latex 2

Natural Latex

The Natural Latex is designed to give proper Spinal Alignment. The natural latex offers amazing pressure relieving qualities for great support to your entire body. The perforations through the latex is temperature neutral and offers years of trouble free comfort.

The quilted organic cotton cover houses 2” of convoluted natural latex. The natural organic material wicks away moisture and has an amazing feel. The material in the cover and quilting are chemical free to eliminate out gassing that is present in most conventional mattresses. The Natural Latex is trimmed with a faux suede fabric. The cover is designed for optimum breathability.

The 12” profile of the Natural Latex is built with earth friendly bio based material. Latex is a natural material made from rubber trees. This is nothing like latex gloves that are made with many chemicals and cause irritation for some people.

The top layer is quilted into the cover. Using 2 inches of convoluted latex to give the ultimate in comfort and support. The construction eliminates dipping and body impressions. Giving you years of trouble free sleep.

  • The next layer of the Natural Latex is 3” of natural latex. The larger and smaller holes in the material are designed to give you proper spinal alignment. The larger the holes are to promote a softer feel; the smaller holes are to promote a firmer feel. There are 5 zones. The larger holes are placed in the area where you shoulder and hips align to eliminate pressure points. The perforations in the material allow better breathability and wicks away moisture.
  • The next layer of the Natural Latex is 7” high density natural base material. This is the support layer to increase support where you need it and is softer for the shoulders and hip areas. The base is also designed to support different sizes and body weights.

The Natural Latex is manufactured in the USA. All the medical grade layers are manufactured in USA.

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