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Adjustable Base

Proper Spinal believes there are many reasons to invest in an Essential Adjustable Base. There are many medical reasons that an adjustable base will improve your sleep. All of us have different medical ailments that are painful and disruptive. Medical issues and lifestyle issues are eliminated with the Zero Gravity Powerbase.

Medical issues include breathing problem with sleep apnea and acid reflex. Being elevated, just a small amount, improves breathing and blood flow. Lower back pain is improved by taking the pressure off you lower back. Neck pain is reduced by removing pressure from your neck. By raising the leg area also relieves lower back pain by decreasing pressure. Ache leg syndrome is improved by elevating your legs. Foot pain is much better by elevation on the powerbase. There are many more health benefits you will enjoy by having the Zero Gravity Powerbase.

There are many physical ailments that are eliminated by the Zero Gravity Powerbase. Now you can eliminate all the pillows you use to make you more comfortable. For the best bedroom experience possible the powerbase is amazing.

The Powerbase comes in 3 different sizes. If you put 2 Twin Extra Longs together you have a King size bed. For a couple you can control each side the way you want it. You can order a King size and the Powerbase will adjust the same on both sides. And last, it is available in Queen which has one mattress.

The Zero Gravity Powerbase is designed to relieve pressure and enhance you comfort. In a zero gravity position it eliminates pain and pressure. It improves circulation and makes breathing much easier. In zero gravity it feels like you’re floating. The sensation is awesome. You’ll wonder why you waited so long to have the Essential Adjustable Base. We’ve sold many of these bases and people love them. Treat yourself to a small slice of heaven. This base is made my Leggett & Platt.

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